God’s Health Plan

God’s Health Plan

The Audacious Journey To A Better Life


A desperate Mom is willing to do a lot for a chronically ill child. After 12 years of disabling, undiagnosed sickness for her son, the author had all but lost hope. She began her own research to find relief for her child, unaware of the vast scope of the journey before her. Sickness carries not only physical, but spiritual roots. Health encompasses not just diet, but lifestyle choices, medical decisions and environmental issues. The solution to her son’s dilemma came through prayer, study and application of seven biblical principles. God’s health plan is about wholeness and restoration; adding life to your years, not just years to your life. It’s not what you have to do. It’s what you can do. God’s health plan is not a destination. It’s a daily journey – a sometimes audacious journey. Are you ready to begin yours?

“This book would be a valuable reference to anyone who wants to understand God’s principles of health.” – Bill Gothard, President – Institute in Basic Life Principles


“You will learn to better understand your God-designed body and how to care for it.” – Dr. Bill Sears, widely known as “America’s Pediatrician”

Ricki Pepin is a wife, mother and grandmother. A former homeschool teacher to her children, she was introduced to the Principle Approach