Restoring America

Institute on the Constitution – Restoring America Through Educational ExcellenceTwo lectures (for the price of one) on one DVD!

Restoration begins with education.  The root meaning of the word “education” is to “pour in and draw out.”  We pour information and knowledge in, but unless we understand and know how to practically apply it (draw it out), true education has not occurred.

These lectures are excellent for self-education AND educating others in civic/patriotic group settings (Liberty Groups, Lions, Rotary, e.g.).  Also, superb for homeschool groups, church or Sunday Schools…or even in your living room with friends, family, and neighbors.   Pop some popcorn, sit down and learn together!  These presentations don’t just tickle your ears.  They’ll motivate the listeners to take the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC) course so they can become educated activists.  Work smarter, not harder!

Lecture One – Why Do We Need to Know the Constitution?

A lack of Constitutional knowledge has brought us to a government so large and bloated that our Founding Fathers would never recognize it as their creation.  Using primary sources such as Noah Webster’s original 1828 Dictionary makes this lecture both unique and enlightening.  Learn the difference between sharing your opinion versus declaring the law when communicating with others, especially your Congressman.  By the time serious patriots hear the end of this lecture, they can’t wait to take the IOTC course so they can be more effective in their activism.

Lecture Two – Your American Heritage – What is it?

Tragically, many churches today are disengaged from both the culture and politics.  This is largely due to their lack of understanding about their American and Christian heritage – and the link that binds them together!  This PowerPoint lecture includes entertaining and educational stories that will provide this link of understanding.   Extensive use of primary source materials (what the founders wrote themselves, not what somebody else wrote about them) provides fascinating insight as the listener can actually view events through the eyes of the Founders.  The desired result again, is for the listeners to take the IOTC course so as to learn more and become engaged, effective Constitutionally-literate citizens.

Contact Ricki Pepin to order this great teaching duo – $15 plus shipping – [email protected]   Live group presentations may also be scheduled, if desired.