The Message

This award-winning presentation highlights the Institute on the Constitution (IOTC), a 12-week study of Christianity and the Constitution, beginning with the Bible and ending with a plan for restoring our Constitutional heritage.  This DVD overviews how to teach this course, using the Principle Approach, the method of education used by our Founding Fathers.

Lecture titles:

  1. A Biblical View of History, Law and Government
  2. The Discovery, Settlement and Evangelization of America
  3. Beliefs of the Founding Fathers
  4. The Founding Fathers’ Five Fold Formula
  5. From Independence to the Constitution
  6. Preamble; Article I
  7. Articles II and III
  8. Articles IV through VII
  9. The Bill of Rights:  The First Amendment
  10. Amendments II through XXVII
  11. From Biblical Absolutes to Evolutionary Humanism
  12. A Victory Plan for Restoring our Constitutional Heritage

A five-hour Leadership Training seminar is available to teach the specifics of what you’ll see briefly highlighted in this DVD.  You’ll learn to use the Principle Approach to education (Research – Reason – Relate – Record) with this course, which teaches the student HOW to think, rather than telling them WHAT to think.  When students complete the course they will have had instruction on how to think and reason for themselves from a Biblical foundation, which will enable them to see through much of the propaganda we are flooded with in today’s media and education.  They will not just learn the contents of the Constitution, they will learn how to USE it as the Founders intended – as a check on government power at every level.

Contact Ricki Pepin – [email protected] – to order this DVD – $15 plus shipping.  Also, check the Events page for the next scheduled Leadership Training class.  Cost and material needs will vary and will be discussed on an individual basis when you register.