Where Do We Go?

Live lecture – Where Do We Go From Here?

Many are wringing their hands these days as they watch our country and culture continue its moral and financial decline.  They want to know what they can do to reverse this trend and bring back our Godly heritage.  Is there hope?  YES!  We must begin with education – both of ourselves and others – of our American and Christian heritage. Calvin Coolidge said that “great statesmen are ambassadors of Providence, sent to reveal to us our unknown selves.”  Translation:  Ambassador – minister or diplomatic official; sent by Providence – God; to our unknown selves – uninformed people.   What a commission:  Sent by God to reveal truth – in a diplomatic way!

Polls show that many in this last election who oppose abortion, same sex marriage and forced unionism voted for Obama!  These people are uninformed.  They don’t know Obama’s beliefs on these issues was exactly what they opposed.  Furthermore, they don’t know that they don’t know this self-destroying contradiction.  As we learn our heritage, it is incumbent upon us to be “ambassadors of Providence” to reveal truth (educate) such people.  This stirring, one-hour PowerPoint talk uses primary sources and the Principle Approach to teach our national heritage and the true meaning of American Exceptionalism.  It demonstrates how you can duplicate this with others, using historical facts and definitions, bypassing opinions.  Educate.  Don’t argue.

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